Joan Medlicott:  READERS WRITE

"...Your books have a special place in my heart. They teach us that we don't have to be blood related to someone to consider them family. Also, that love and devotion between friends can helpus get though anything. I read alot, but I have never read any books that have meant as much to me as your books. Thanks again for the comfort and joy they have brought to me." TD

"I finished Come Walk With Me yesterday and loved it from the first word to the last." NB

"You make your reader care about each character, and it's gratifying to see women of 'a certain age' portrayed as vital, earthy and eager to expand their world." JG

"The inspiration your wonderful books have given me to renew the excitement in my life is such a gift." YN

"The Ladies of Covington books have helped us all through tough times, grieving the loss of a mother, father, or husband." EZ

"What a gift it was to find your books. They are an invitaion to kindness, calm, understanding and grace. Thank you for writing these books and bringing these ladies lives to life in such a rich way." PH

"Thank you, thank you for writing the Covington series. The ladies are both wise and caring and I have loved each and every one of the novels." JR

"Your Ladies of Covington Series were read and treasured during a long convalescence. They gave me hope, brought me peace and aided in my recovery." MK

"I wait eagerly for the next and the next ladies novel. Please keep them coming." TM

"Your novels have been my constant companions after the loss of my dear husband and have given he hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel." LF

"Thanks again for all of your wonderful books. I am already having withdrawal symptoms  since I completed the series... I do love them. I have preordered 2 copies of Come Walk With Me from Amazon, one for me, of course, and one for a dear friend for Christmas. I know she will love it." Port Richey, Fl.

"Just a note to say I love your books. I had major surgery this summer and the ladies helped me get through the pain. I looked forward to being with them at the end of the day." Pat

"Thank you for your wonderful Covington series. I am 56 and can truly relate to your books. I love the fact that the three main charachters have issues, family and personal, and all believable.  Life is truly a composite of happy and sad, and these books show that with clarity and gentleness." Milwakee, Wi.

"I am reading the ladies as I recuperate from illness, and I must say they (and therefore you) have been as balm for the soul." Australia

"Greetings Joan,
I've spent some time today reading in AT HOME IN COVINGTON and I have to write and say (just like a new reader surely would), well, wow! Since we'd seen some of it at the Plotters and since it had gotten to the wrong stack when you gave me a copy, I guess I'm just now getting to it. I love it. The characters seem to have deepened, their reflections on life, love, each other, themselves seem particularly insightful and honest, provocative and believable. The descriptions of SC and of Maine were succinctly, clearly, drawn. And, of course, the plot never bogged down , the dialogue was totally "in character" and witty, clever, revealing. The transitions were smooth and easy. I think this is a book to be very proud of. And, in case I forgot to tell you when I see you, I just sat down an wrote a fan letter!"
Celia, Asheville, NC

"When I heard you speak at the library luncheon in Sumter, SC, I was so impressed with your sense of humor and the sheer joy you seem to get from life, that I bought your first three books. I love them. I found myself saying, 'I've said that', or 'I've thought that.' I have now ordered book four, The Spirit of Covington and will wait (though not patiently) for book five, At Home in Covington to come out in July.Thank you for a great series." Sumter, SC

"I love the Covington Series. I feel as though I know Amelia, Grace and Hannah, and it's because you have that rare talent of bringing your characters and their locations to life. That, and the way your writing flows so smoothly. It's as if I were watching a movie instead of reading." Shawnee, KS

"I am on your fourth book The Spirit of Covington, and as much as I cannot put it down, I cannot wait to see the ending. You are spoiling me for other authors, and you cannot write quick enough for me" Mt. Martha, Victoria, Australia

"One of the members of our book club is going to our local college to see about a class to help people of a certain age find inexpensive ways to continue living a good life. Thank you for the inspiration." Surfside Beach, SC

"I absolutely love your wonderful books about the ladies of Covington. You have a wonderful way of addressing the problems that so many aging people have. You educate while entertaining." Rochester NH

"In all my 72 years, this is the first fan letter I have ever written. I simply wanted you to know how much I enjoy your Covington books." Marietta, Ga.

"Reaching the end of one of your books leaves me longing for the next one." C.R.

"I want you to know how very much I enjoy your books." Orem, Utah

"I just finished reading The Spirit of Covington and really enjoyed it. I can identify with Grace since I too have diabetes." St.Thomas, Virgin Islands

"Please continue to write your great books. They are so refreshing, like a breeze coming through the window off the Marsh." Edisto Island

"I read a book a week and The Gardens of Covington was one of the best books I have read in a long time." Temperance, MI

"The Ladies of Covington seem like old friends and I just wanted to let you know how special your books have become to me. I hope there will be more." Marshfield, MA.

"I have just finished reading The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love. I could not put it down. What a joyous and comforting story. You are a truly gifted writer." C.Z.

"I will be 55 soon and have always been an old soul in a younger container. I find lots of familiarity and comfort in your characters." Ft. Wayne, IND

"Have just finished your four books about The Ladies of Covington and loved them all. I live in your books. I was the ghost at the table and sat on the steps and listened to their conversations while they rocked in their chairs." T.A.

"I get sad when I am nearing the end of one of your books. I feel as if Grace, Hannah and Amelia are my friends. Thank you and keep writing." J.F.

"You have done it again. Congratulations on your latest effort, The Spirit of Covington. I have read all four of your books. They were gifts from my son." Yarnell, Az.

"The Ladies of Covington are an inspiration to all of us in our golden years." Blairsville, Ga.

"A dear friend passed on The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love to me. I was hooked and ordered books 2,3, and 4. Thank you so much for writing this series." Westminster, MD.

"I cannot tell you the last time I enjoyed reading the way I have your "Ladies of Covington" series." Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

"Last year I found an author who has won my heart. Her name is Joan Medlicott. She weaves a beautiful story." Blue Ridge, GA.

"In The Spirit of Covington you have, as always, captured the essence of being a woman, wife, mother going through the changes of life. I eagerly await the next two books in the series." Sequim, WA.

"I just finished reading The Spirit of Covington and wanted to savor it and not have it end. You are such a talented woman to have the insight you do and be able to express it. It brought tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart." A fan from Sarasota Fl.

"Thank you for creating Grace, Hannah and Amelia. I enjoyed the first Ladies of Covington novel so much I could not wait to buy the other two. I made the Meatballs and Prunes recipe, and my ten year old grandson thought they were terrific." A reader from Portland Oregon

"This is the first letter I have written to an author and I am 86 years old. I felt compelled to let you know how much pleasure you give to your readers."A reader from Decatur, TX.

"Along with the rest of your fans, I eagerly await the next book in the Ladies of Covington series." A reader from Columbus Ohio.

"Your Covington novels are winners and keepers. I know I speak for many more than myself when I say that your characters represent the interests, cares, and concerns of thousands of women." A reader from Ohio

"I wanted to share with you the comments readers put on a Share Your Thoughts on This Book card placed on the back of your books in my local library.

A wonderful book. I loved every page. Great story–read it. Very uplifting, Can do attitude, Love it. One of the best books I ever read. Very good. Enjoyed beyond words. Great story, enjoyed." A reader from Rochester, NY

"I’ve recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and my reaction was so much like Grace’s that I simply could not believe what I was reading. It finally open my eyes to what I had been avoiding." A reader from Charlotte. NC

"Please keep writing. You have lots of fans out here waiting to see what happens to the ladies next." A reader from Sequim. WA

"I immediately fell into the story. The characters are so well-delineated. I could identify with each one as they dealt with the problems and joys of living. The garden sketches are wonderful as are the recipes, and the whole aura is "down home" comfort with up-to date situations that require a readers internal personal debate before finally arriving at the characters’ eventual solutions." J.D.

"I live in England and wanted to say how much I enjoy your Covington novels and read them cuddled up in my favorite chair." a reader from Dorset, England

"I just want to thank you for including a character with a gay child. I am struggling with my relationship with my son. Grace’s love for her son came through loud and clear and her acceptance will be a goal for me." P.G.

"I can’t put your books about the ladies down until I am finished. I thank you for such good stories with characters that we readers can feel are a part of our families." A reader from Burlington, VT.

"I just finished The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love: I laughed, I cried. I enjoyed so much. The story impressed upon me how important it is not to dwell on the past but to look to the future and go with our dreams." A reader from Chester VA.

"I want to thank you for hours of wonderful reading. The ladies are magnificent, They are powerful role models for me now that I am of a certain age."A reader from Pittsburg, PA.

"Your books have truly inspired me. I would never have envisioned anyone making such drastic changes and broadening their horizons at almost 70. I wonder if the failure to continue to plan and dream and expand horizons is actually what makes people age?" D.G.

"I have so enjoyed your Covington novels. You are an excellent author and it’s so nice to read novels without vulgar language and explicit sex scenes. Please write more books." A reader from Northridge, CA.

"Your writing and the story lines do what a book should do—keep one wanting more."A reader from Springfield., MO.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading all three and look forward to the fourth. Your thoughtful novels are like a trip back home to visit my dearest friends." a reader from San Carlos, AZ






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